Jefo accelerates its international development with Sweet Show

One of the main uses of Sweet Show is to harmonise the deployment of new content across its entire sales team.

Consistency in the discourse towards the customer is essential. Despite this, ensuring this consistency remains a major challenge in companies of all sizes. This challenge becomes all the more difficult when the sales force is distributed over several countries, several continents, and therefore several languages.

This is the challenge that Jefo faced, and the reason why they adopted Sweet Show! Objective: to make their new range rollouts smoother, to harmonise their discourse, and to accelerate their international development.

Discover here the testimony of Jérome Fouquet, CEO of Jefo Europe!

Jefo is an animal additives company offering non-medicated solutions and alternatives to antibiotic solutions. Founded in Canada in 1982, Jefo is now present in over 75 countries.

Today, for the European markets, Jefo has over 150 presentations in different languages, presenting their different solutions, which need to be regularly updated!

The international challenge

"The entire Jefo sales team uses this tool on a daily basis.

On Jefo's global scale, the challenge of keeping content and marketing materials up to date was becoming unmanageable. So they turned to Sweet Show:

"All our solutions today are on Sweet Show. We no longer have any presentations on our computer other than those on Sweet Show, which allows us to have the latest up-to-date presentation [...] and for everyone in our sales team to communicate in the same way about Jefo solutions."

A harmonious distribution

When you have complex distribution channels, integrating internal sales teams but also external distributors, the process of making offers available becomes extremely difficult. Maintaining a harmonious discourse throughout the cycle becomes a real challenge that should not exist.

Jefo has now equipped its entire distribution with Sweet Show :

"For our distributors, it's the same thing, with the added certainty that we can really control the communication tools. Beforehand, we knew that when we provided a PowerPoint presentation to one of our distributors, they tended to adapt it to their liking, even if it meant altering our technical and commercial discourse," laments Jérome Fouquet.

"For the marketing team, it's a real source of ease"

With Sweet Show, the marketing team within Jefo was able to take back control of the production of commercial content, maintaining the Jefo brand image throughout the cycle.

A control of sensitive documents

At the end of a meeting, the technical documents are shared with the customers. As Jefo is a leader in animal biotech, the challenge is clear: the protection of sensitive data and the company's added value.

Faced with this problem, Jefo was able to regain control of its important document sharing with Sweet Show. They can now prevent their presentations from being traded on the market or falling into the hands of their competitors.

"From now on, we have the option of sending [the customer] a link that is valid for 2 weeks, enabling them to view the presentation of our solution. [...] What's extremely useful is that we know in return whether the customer actually viewed the presentation within the 2 weeks allotted."

An analysis of commercial data

Today, Jefo uses the data that Sweet Show offers on their sales cycle to track the use of the different presentations by the sales teams, as well as by their distributors.

By evaluating the use of certain key slides or presentations, Jefo can better understand the key topics that optimise their customer conversion rate.

Jérome Fouquet, CEO of Jefo Europe, describes the main benefits of Sweet Show within Jefo as follows

"Simple and effective".

"The best proof of this simplicity and efficiency is that the entire Jefo sales team uses this tool on a daily basis.

Would you like to find out how Sweet Show can speed up your depolishing? Request a demo here!

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